Mar 12, 2010

The Wonder's of Garlic (part one)

Garlic could very well be my favorite herb. So far it has been the fastest acting and most effective home remedy I have tried. I have personally used it successfully with the common cold, stomach flu, yeast infections, ring worm and ear aches.

The first time I learned about garlic was when my oldest children were three and one and a half. They had a nasty virus that had lasted for over two months. Their main symptoms were coughing and vomiting. It felt like we would never get through a meal without someone regurgitating their meal all over the table.

I was feeling pretty desperate as even after a trip to the Dr. we just couldn't seem to kick this thing. I did a little research and read that garlic could be helpful for fighting a cold and decided to give it a try. I finely chopped up a clove, mixed it with honey and amazingly my toddlers ate it without too much fuss. They continued to take garlic several times a day and finally recovered from their cold. Needless to say I was impressed and decided to research garlic further.

Garlic contains allicin which is a natural antibiotic. It is effective against viruses and fungus. Garlic woks as an antiparasitic, and an antibiotic. It is one of the oldest horticultural crops known and has been used as both a food and medicines since the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs.Whether it’s a simple head cold with sniffles and a sore throat or a nasty tummy bug with throwing up and diarrhea, the first thing I use in my fight for healthy children ( and a decent nights sleep for myself) is garlic.

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  1. LOVE GARLIC!! My friend even gave me a cute Tupperware garlic keeper. I am looking forward to reading more of you blog when I have time.