Mar 12, 2010

Sore throat

Having a sore throat is not fun. If you’re like me and your tonsils swell up like a couple golf balls covered in flem, it can be downright miserable. Here’s a few tricks that I’ve used to help get rid of that sore throat as soon as possible.

As you know garlic is my favorite remedy, so I’m sure you’re not surprised that I’m recommending it again. The key seems to be taking plenty of it. I usually try and take a whole clove every hour. In addition to eating garlic I make garlic oil by soaking a couple crushed garlic cloves in olive oil for a few minutes and straining. I use the garlic oil to massage the side of my throat in a downward motion for about fifteen minutes, every hour or so. This helps drain the swollen lymph nodes and really relieves the pain. You can also use a garlic poultice on your throat but I’ve found that it’s the massaging that seems to help with the pain.

Gargling also helps to speed up the healing process and relieve the pain. Try gargling frequently with hot salt water, a couple drops of tea tree oil in water, garlic water, two drops of grape fruit seed extract in water or even just plain hot water. Make sure to drink plenty of liquids and avoid all sugar. Sugar lowers your immune system and that’s the last thing you need when your body is fighting a cold.

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