I'm an aspiring herbalist, busy wife and mother. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia when I was sixteen. None of the medications the well meaning doctors prescribed, helped with my chronic pain or fatigue. I resisted the idea that what I was eating could be effecting my health. I enjoyed food and didn't want to give anything up. I also really doubted it would really make a difference. Finally out of desperation I decided to make some changes.

I started with small things, like cutting out sugar, learning about good and bad fats and taking probiotics. With each small change I would feel a little better. I continued learning about nutrition and improving my diet. Finally in the fall of 2009 I tried going gluten-free. Wow! What a difference this has made. I still have bad days, but the daily pain and fatigue is so much better. I haven't felt this good since I was a child.

I addition to taking care of  my own health I now have children to think about. Being a mother really inspired me to learn about herbs and natural remedies. Children are forever catching colds, getting earaches, tummy aches, cuts, bug bites etc. I wanted to be able to keep my children healthy, while avoiding toxic medications whenever possible. Herbs have proven to be very effective in treating many of their childhood ailments.

Health is something we can all take for granted when we are feeling fine. Considering  the severity of pain and fatigue I have spent the last thirteen years of my life living with, I will most likely never take my health for granted again. I am so thankful for each day I wake up and have the energy to take care of my family and play with my children. I'm still learning and probably always will be. Hopefully Some of the thing I've learned and continue to learn will benefit others.