Mar 12, 2010


Parsley is usually thought of as a garnish at a restaurant that most of us discard rather than eat. Parsley actually has many medicinal uses. It’s a mild diuretic that is high in potassium. This is important as unlike most over the counter diuretics, parsley won’t deplete your potassium levels. Used as a diuretic parsley is good for water retention and prostate problems. As with any diuretic it should be used in moderation during pregnancy. Nursing women should also avoided large amounts of parsley as it can dry up your milk, although it can be used as a poultice to help with the uncomfortable engorgement that sometimes occurs while breastfeeding.

Parsley, like most herbs is very nutritious. One cup of parsley has more calcium than a cup of milk and two times as much vitamin C as an orange. Other nutrients it’s high in are vitamin A, thiamine, niacin and riboflavin. You can make tea by adding two teaspoons either fresh or dried parsley to eight ounces hot water. It can also be used in place of basil in your favorite pesto recipe or even added to your breakfast smoothie for an extra boost. Hmm… maybe next time we’re eating out we should all try that pretty garnish.

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